Cold Storage for rent

In 2013 and 2016 Iceberg – International LTD. applied and it was approved under the European Energy Efficiency Program and Operational Program Innovation and Competitiveness respectively. In 2015 and end of 2017 we built our own refrigerant chamber and mobile shock freezing tunnel, located in the warehouse of the company in Voenna Rampa, 4 “Prof. Ivan Georgov”4. We rent this equipment. They are built according to the European standards and hygiene norms.

The whole warehouse is 3000m3 and the total cold storage area is part of it. The chambers are certified by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and licensed under No. 35628 / 04.12.2015.

The company tries to cover all the needs of its customers and because of this at the end of 2017 we built a shock freezing tunnel for freezing all kind of goods.

There is an administrative part within the warehouse. There are offices for rent. Every office has air-conditioner and it is soundproofed.

The company has three universal refrigerant chambers and a shock-freezing tunnel where different kind of products can be frozen and stored

The chambers work with temperatures from -20 to 5C. The tunnel works at -37C.

Shock-freezing tunnel has capacity to freeze 450 kg/h production from 20 to -30C.

Shelves can be added in the refrigeration chambers at request. There is a possibility three-height pallet zones to be put. The total number of storage places is more than 530.

In front of the refrigeration chambers, there is an air-conditioning entrance. The temperature range is between 6 and 12 degrees.

The refrigeration chambers are equipped with fully automated high-class doors, specially designed for low temperatures. The doors are also equipped with anti-freeze heaters, integrated in the rubber seals and the threshold. There are weight-closing sensors and human-presence sensors as well. The doors can be opened manually – with a handle or a button, or contactless – with a remote control. The doors are 3m high and 1.8 wide, which allows forklift, reach car or other lifting equipment to enter.

The shock freezer tunnel is equipped with a separate refrigerating unit installed on a single frame. It has its own diesel generator, which allows transportation.

The air-conditioned entrance is equipped with heat-isolated industrial door with electric motor and remote control. The door is 2.75m high and 2.7m wide.


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Iceberg – International LTD. was established in 2001 and since then it has been one of the leading refrigerators and air-conditioning companies supplying the food industry.